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Crystal balls, runes, tarot cards, and tea leaves, its all broken down for you in this comprehensive guide to todays most commonly used psychic reading tools. Learn about the types of readings available, how they work, and which tool is best for your own personalized fortune telling session.

There are many other psychic tools available, though the ones we have discussed on this site are generally the most well-known. One thing is for certain, no two psychic readings will be the same, whether or not different tools are used. To enjoy all that the psychic world has to offer, it is encouraged to visit several fortune tellers who all have different focuses and talents. Ask a psychic what tool they prefer to read with instead of requesting a tarot card reading or a rune casting; your best fortune telling experience will always come from the tool that your psychic is most closely connected to.

Please also visit the astrology website PowerFortunes.com, where you can find out more information about astrology and psychic readings.

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