You walk into a quiet, dimly lit room. Candlelight flickers against the walls, and the earthy scent of sandal-wood incense fills the air. On a small table, draped in a dark cloth, a number of various tools and devices await their turn to provide insight and answers to your innermost questions.

The above statement, while fairly straight forward, will project a different image to each individual. Perhaps you saw a deck of large cards, with incredible artwork in place of the regular suits and numbers, or a perfectly round, clear, crystal ball. From tea leaves to runes, and tarot cards to crystal balls, many psychic readers utilize a variety of tools. If youve ever wondered what psychic aids are out there and how they work, continue on for a peek into the world of fortune telling.

A crystal ball, the smooth, clear orb weve come to associate with psychics and mediums, is a common tool of the psychic trade. The use of the crystal ball falls into the category of, Scrying, and more specifically is called crystallomancy. Scrying entails gazing into a smooth, still surface, ideally devoid of reflections and imperfections. Very few people who practice the art of scrying will claim to see actual visions within their medium, more commonly the psychic uses his or her crystal ball as a meditation aid to clear the mind, so they can receive information from the energy around them. When obtaining a crystal ball reading it is common for there to be some significant quiet time involved. Often you will be asked to focus on a question or concern and while you are doing so, the psychic will be gazing silently into their crystal. After a brief period of time your psychic medium will begin to interpret the information that has come to them. You may also be asked to gaze into the crystal ball to see if any images or thoughts come to mind for you it is important not to filter out anything that you may think of as irrelevant, as often your thoughts and visions will make sense to your psychic. Many mediums that use this tool will have a standard set of symbols they have devised over their years of practice and will be able to interpret both their visions and yours very quickly.

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