Runes are another very popular divination tool. Perhaps the most important thing to note is that runes are not used for fortune telling, runes are used as a method of divination that focuses on your subconscious, actively choosing the rune lots that are applicable to your situation. For this reason, should you visit a psychic medium for a runic reading, expect to be involved in the process. During the reading you will choose a very specific question to focus on. If you are going to a psychic with the intent of saying, “Tell me about money in my future,” then runes are not the right tool for you. A more appropriate question would be, “What can I do in the immediate future to improve my finances?

There are two main tools that will be used in a runic divination: the rune lots, and the bag. The rune lots are simply stones or wooden pieces with the various runes carved into them. They should all be of similar size and shape so that they cannot be memorized and identified by feel alone. The rune bag symbolizes the universe, and is used to hold the runes prior to casting. When you cast your runes you will reach into the universe and pick the rune lots that will provide you with appropriate guidance. The psychic medium will not pick your runes for you, this is something you will actively be involved in.

There are many ways to read runes and indeed many psychic mediums have their own personalized layout that they have tailored with years of practice. The most common would be the three-rune cast, which involves a symbolization of past, present, and future. The past rune should be an explanation of what led you to your current situation. The present rune is a representation of where you feel you are today and what is truly causing your concern. The future rune does not predict the future, but rather informs you of the outcome you are headed for without making any changes in your life. Runic divination does not operate on the pretense of a pre-determined destiny, but under the assumption that we can control our destiny by being an active participant in our lives. A less structured runic reading would involve the client reaching into the universe, grabbing as many runes as feels appropriate to them, and then scattering them upon a cloth covered area. The runes that fall into the center of the cloth, face up, are the ones that have the most meaning and information for you. The runes that fall face down are discarded completely. The ones that fall onto the outskirts of the cloth are considered outside factors that you should give some consideration to, but not all of your focus.

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